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Sunday Yoga Essentials | My Favourites

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content

Over the past year, in addition to learning plenty about running a handmade business, I’ve also been faced with learning the importance of self-care. In a world where everything is always go-go-go, learning about relaxing (or rather, un-learning busyness) is certainly a challenge all on it’s own.

While I’ve struggled with feeling selfish about it (what woman doesn’t) – I’m beginning to learn that the more I take care of myself, the more things flow a little smoother, the better my ideas are and the easier it is to handle the little things that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

As a result, taking a special chunk of time for myself on Sundays has really proven to be a worthwhile exercise for our family, especially when it means I get to surround myself with a few of my favourite relaxation essentials.

Sunday Yoga Essentials - Let's Sleep In

Sunday Dry Goods Turkish Blanket

Since deciding to make self-care and my overall well being a priority, yoga has become a non-negotiable for me each week. As a newer student of yoga (after taking a long break from doing it regularly), I knew I would need to join a studio to help me redevelop both the proper techniques again, and also the habit of actually spending time on the mat each week.

If you follow us on Instagram, it’s no secret that I am totally in love with Studio B Yoga – located right here in Chilliwack. During those first few months of getting back into the swing of things, it became like a little second home to me. It might have something to do with how welcoming the space is, how amazing the teachers are or how easy it is to completely relax the minute you walk in the door. Although I’m also pretty sure it’s because the whole space looks like it jumped right off of my dream house board on Pinterest. My love for each and every colour and decor piece probably borderlines on jealously. But hey, at least I’m honest about it, right?

Studio B Yoga 3

All joking aside, the studio + the classes have taught me two things. It’s never selfish to make self care a priority, and the importance of surrounding yourself with things that make your heart happy (and even feel a little luxurious). And the best part? Things don’t have to be expensive to feel luxurious, they just have to feel like a little gift to yourself, for yourself to enjoy.

AllyBeth Design Co - Let's Sleep In

So, it goes without saying that on days when I’m too busy to make it out to the studio, you know I’m trying my best to recreate those same feelings right here in my home. It’s certainly not the same, but gathering up these yoga essentials really helps to prepare my mind, body and spirit for my time on the mat.

Favorite Yoga Essentials

Relaxing Room Mist and Namaste Spray + Mat Cleaner – Pura Vida
As a huge believer in natural fragrances and aromatherapy, I was thrilled when I discovered Pura Vida late last year. Since I fall for anything lavender scented, I was an immediate fan of their Relaxing Mist, which is a heavenly mixture of lavender and sweet orange (especially helpful for those who struggle with anxiety or feeling stressed). Their Namaste Spray plays double duty as a beautiful room mist, as well as an antibacterial spritzer for yoga mats and other sporting goods.

Arrow Turkish Towel – Sunday Dry Goods
I knew from the moment I seen these towels on Sunday Dry Good’s Instagram page that I needed one in my life! Prior to finding them, I had been struggling to find the perfect yoga blanket for me to use during shavasana pose (read: nappy time pose at the end). I don’t particularly like the heaviness of a regular blanket, but I love the comfort of having something draped over me.  It’s the perfect size, super light weight, and that arrow design. Swoon! Plus, I was totally obsessed with how it smelled after getting it in the mail. Trust me. Buy one, open the package + take a whiff. You can thank me later.

Illume Gilded Amberleaf Soy + Beeswax Candle – Chapters Canada
Quality candles (usually) mean a longer, cleaner burn with more natural scent options. Ever since my mom bought me my first Voluspa candle a few years ago, I’ve found it hard to go back to my previous days of burning Ikea candles throughout the house (and for a good reason). This is the first Illume candle I’ve purchased, but I’m totally in love with how the whole gilded glass container glows when it’s lit. Keep an eye out at – they go on sale at 50% off every few weeks (that’s how I snagged this one).

Let’s Sleep In & Namaste Hanging Littles –  AllyBeth Design Co
Of course, I couldn’t write a yoga + relaxing themed post without including two of our most popular hanging littles! As you may know, each of our designs come from a very true place in my heart, and each mean something special to me. You know the saying we teach what we need to learn? Well I design what I need to learn (and I’m not embarrassed to admit it). I know that by creating beautiful designs that serve as gentle reminders for me to slow down, stay grateful and take time to rest, they will also serve to inspire and encourage others out there as well.

Puravida YVR Room Mist - AllyBeth Design Co

Namaste Sign - AllyBeth Design Co - Sunday Dry Goods

There’s just something about surrounding yourself with beautiful things that makes it a whole lot easier to slow down and enjoy them. Take a little time to acknowledge that the textures, scents, smells and designs that speak to your soul are a reflection of who you are – and we really are so much more at peace when we’re surrounded by things we love.

Do you have any weekly routines that you do to help maintain your sanity? I’d love to hear about your non-negotiables, and which items you consider your little daily luxuries!

xoxo Shan

Disclaimer – while some products were provided to me free of charge, all thoughts + opinions are my very own. I will never endorse a product I don’t believe in, or use myself on a regular basis. Questions? Feel free to ask. 

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