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Summer Date Ideas | My Favourites

After all the camping trips, family reunions and busy neighbourhood BBQ’s have taken place, it’s time to make the most of the rest of summer, right here in the Fraser Valley. We think late August is the perfect time to sneak off for a few hours and head out on a summer date with your sweetie. Who knows, with all this great weather we’ve been having, you might even be able to fit in more than one!

Go Golfing!

Whether you’re a golf pro or a total amateur, golfing together as a couple can be a great experience. As a new golfer myself, I love that a day out on the links is a great way to disconnect from everything else going on in my busy life and focus on my relationship with my fiancé. By the end of the course (which usually takes 3-4 hours), we have reconnected, shared a ton of laughs, talked about a few serious topics and are just plain happy to be together. We usually have such a great time that I forget all about my lack of skill (or how many balls I’ve hit into the bunker).

For those of you that have absolutely no desire to swing an iron, we recommend trying out Tap-Ins putting course in Cultus Lake. It’s a great compromise for those of you with spouses; they’ll love it because of the perfectly manicured lawns and challenging putts, and you’ll love it because it’s essentially a glorified mini golf course that only requires a putter!


Twilight Drive-In Movie Theatre

Don’t just go out to the movies – go to the drive-in movies! One of our favourite date nights, the Twilight Drive-In Movie Theatre is the perfect way to take advantage of those who don’t have a curfew, or somewhere to be at an early hour! For less than a ticket to a modern movie house, you get admission to at least 2 (and sometimes 3) great new release features, from the comfort of your own vehicle! When I featured featured the Twilight Drive-In back in 2011 over on The Pulse, I loved seeing all the different ways movie-goers set up camp for the night. Whether you choose to bring an air mattress for the back of your pick up truck, a comfy couch to park in front of your SUV, or just lots of blankets for the inside of your compact car, we promise there will be lots of opportunities for snuggles and cuddles, as long as you don’t fall asleep!

Visit White Rock Beach

Exploring White Rock Beach is one of those activities that are best done in sunny weather, especially if you go in the late afternoon or early evening. With so much to see and do along the beach strip, we recommend getting to the beach while the sun is still up, to give you time to take in the beach atmosphere a little before it gets cooler. As the sun goes down, grab a sweater and snuggle in close for a romantic stroll along the water, stopping every once in a while to take in the natural beauty of the area. If you have time, stop into one of the great restaurants lining the street for a romantic dessert (we love the Crème Brule at Cielo’s), or grab a scoop of delish ice cream to go from Dolce Gelato.

Garage Sale Hop

If you’re used to late night barhopping, switch things up this summer and try taking your honey garage sale shopping instead! Grab a weekend edition paper the night before to plan a general route, or just circle a few sales that look like they might be interesting. Saturdays are usually the prime garage sale days, but many of them also carry over to Sunday, so this activity works for either day on the weekend. When your date morning arrives, get up early, grab a couple of coffees and a handful of change, and head out for a morning of fun. Watch out for other signs and balloons as you go along; many garage salers simply put up signs rather than advertising in the local paper, so you’re bound to find a few surprise sales along the way. During your date, be open to new things, poke around through what might look like rubbish, and most of all – have fun! Don’t be afraid to talk about all the interesting things you find along the way either, just make sure you’re back in the car before making fun of the guy with the huge collection of bicycle seats!

View From Mt. Thom in Chilliwack

Take a Hike

Nothing beats a hike or nature walk in the woods on a beautiful sunny day, especially one that puts you just outside of cell phone range! Extend your normal hiking route a little by packing a romantic picnic lunch before you go. A tried and true summer date idea, picnic lunches are a great way to spend quality time with each other, while enjoying good food and taking in the beautiful (and calming) sounds of nature! Whether you are great in the kitchen (and able to whip up a portable 4 course meal) or a cooking disaster (try visiting the deli section at your local grocer), it doesn’t take too much effort to put together a well-rounded picnic for both of you to enjoy. Go as fancy or as casual as you like, but whatever you do, don’t forget the essentials! Make sure you’ve packed a clean blanket, something cold to drink (wine, anyone?), utensils and a few napkins.

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