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Morning Coffee Essentials | My Favourites *Coupon Code*

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, don’t go back to sleep – Rumi

I am not naturally an early riser. I never really have been – and while I would change that in a hot minute if I could, I’ve come to accept the fact that I need a little help (and usually pre-planning) for my mornings to be enjoyable. Dare I say, even leisurely at times? But usually… my goal is just to get out the door on time!

Rise & Shine

I guess it’s only natural then, that I have always been a lover of coffee. While I do have to stick to decaf versions of my once favourite beverages, it just means I have to get a little creative when it comes to how I prep my coffee. When I first found out you could order practically any Starbucks fancy-pants drink in a decaf version, I nearly lost my cool entirely (if you also didn’t know that, you’re welcome).

Regardless, one cannot simply zip to Starbucks if one is already running behind the clock. So my solution? Fill my mornings with as much yummy smelling coffee goods as possible (as soon as possible) to force myself to wake up early, slow down the rush + take in the beauty of the morning.

Zoom In

Essential #1 – Coffee Press + Darling Coffee Tray Decor

I was first introduced to a French Press while out for brunch with the lovely Piya from The Handpicked Home. We stopped into the Wooden Spoon in White Rock for brunch and it was SO GOOD! When the coffee we ordered arrived, it came in it’s own fancy little French Press, and…. I had no idea what to do with it. Luckily, it was easy enough (why had I been so afraid of these contraptions before? They are so EASY!) – and now I’m hooked.

I zipped off to Homesense to pick up one of my very own, along with a matching seal-tight container for my fresh-ground coffee that I knew I’d need. Add an adorable tray and voila – instant coffee station! I love having everything all together in one place right on our kitchen island. It really encourages me to take a few extra minutes to take it all in and enjoy the process of brewing a fresh cup of coffee. Plus, looking extra pretty doesn’t hurt either (don’t judge me – I know I’m not the only one).


Essential #2 – Some (Really Good) Coffee

A post about coffee essentials wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some great coffee beans! However, this is where my morning might differ a little bit from yours. While I am only able to drink decaf coffee, just know that a cup of decaf for me, still gives me the same jolt that regular strength brew gives the average person. So don’t worry, I’m not missing out!

My current favourite right now is a great decaf blend by local B.C. Coffee Roasters, Kicking Horse Coffee. They are organic and fair trade and just celebrated 20 years of making coffee in the mountains. I love their decaf blend mostly because I still get the blood, dark flavour that makes a great coffee, great – but without the jitters. If many of you also drink decaf, you’ll know this isn’t always the case! Plus, they use the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate the coffee, which is a pretty cool process. You can read all about it here. Of course, all of their regular coffees are delicious as well. You can view all of the roasts on their website, complete with tasting notes, how to grind for various processes as well as brewing tips! Find their coffee locally at Save On Foods, usually in the Natural/Organic aisle.

Kicking Horse Coffee

Essential #3 – Take The Coffee Into the Shower (well, at least the smell of it!)

Morning Coffee EssentialsThere was a short period of time a few years ago when I cut out coffee entirely. I missed the smell of it so much, that I was stashing it everywhere around my home. That trick where you put coffee beans on the counter above the dishwasher to make your house smell like coffee? Doesn’t work – trust me!

I tried so many different coffee scrubs + bars, but none of them were as good as Scrubs & Bubbles Daily Grind Coffee Scrub! If only they had been around back then! I get to smell fresh coffee as soon as I hop in the shower every morning! Since it’s an exfoliant and it’s not recommend to exfoliate every day, I actually choose to rotate body parts each morning. Well, that and I’m not sure if I’d actually have time to do a full body scrub all at one time anyways. So, one morning I might do my arms, another morning my legs, another morning my stomach, etc.

I love that with this scrub, it has just enough moisture that it doesn’t all crumble away as soon as you scoop out a handful. I can plop a bit on my arm, and it stays there while I exfoliate. I don’t feel like I’m wasting any of the product and the essential oils make my skin feel so soft once I’m all done in the shower. I love the fact that I’m not only getting rid of dead skin, but also detoxing a bit too, which is something that I’ve become more and more interested in lately.

Want to give this great scrub a try? Use coupon code ALLYBETH20 to receive 20% off your next order from!

Extra scrub tip! Scoop out a little of the scrub into a small dish (like the picture below) before heading into the shower. This will make sure you don’t use too much, but also keeps excess water out of your original packaging. I keep a little dish specifically for this in the shower so it’s always handy!

Now that you know a little too much about my morning routine and favourite coffee essentials…. I would love to hear about yours! What are your morning go-to’s to get you up and moving and ready for the day!?

Master Class French Press – Homesense

Daily Grind Coffee Scrub – Scrubs & Bubbles

Rise & Shine Hanging Sign – AllyBeth Design Co

Coffee – Kicking Horse Coffee

Marble Tray – Ardillas United

Small Sugar Dishes – Sophie Conran (from Winks)

The Perfect Scoop – David’s Tea

Disclaimer – while some products were provided to me free of charge, all thoughts + opinions are my very own. I will never endorse a product I don’t believe in, or use myself on a regular basis. Questions? Feel free to ask. 

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