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Christmas Tree Fun at Highland L Tree Farm

Our Christmas Tradition at Highland L Tree Farm

While Christmas decorations might starting flooding the mall in early November, the Christmas season really doesn’t start for us until the second week of December – when it’s time to cut down our tree!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved the smell of fresh Christmas trees. Although as an adult, I’ve always opted for an artificial tree due to the rules of living in a condo. I’d still try to sneak in a live wreath every now and then (and well, in such a small space, sometime I did the trick). But now that we’ve moved, I’m thrilled that the hubby + I have finally adopted our own holiday tree tradition.

Highland L Tree Farm

I’ll never forget the very first year we had set out to find our perfect tree. We must have visited 3 Christmas Tree Farms before we found any decent ones to pick from… it was kind of a disaster. We followed signs, took recommendations from Facebook, but nearly every place we ended up at was just awful. One was even way out in the middle of nowhere, and all of the trees there looked amazing on one side, and were totally dead on the other. We couldn’t help but laugh at the whole situation, even as the sun started going down and the cold started setting in. We just kept on trucking… we were on a mission!

Finally, the last recommendation turned out to be the only one we’ll ever need. After a quick phone call to ensure they’d stay open for us, we buzzed up to Highland L Tree Farm in Columbia Valley and have never looked back.

This gracious family welcomed us into their farm even though it was nearly time for them to pack up for the day. They gave us Disney princess kneeling boards, offered us cookies and sent us up the hill with a saw and a flashlight in case it got too dark. I felt like a little kid in a candy store getting to inspect each tree, setting my eyes mostly on trees that were way too big for our living room (I’ve always had a problem with that relative size thing).


That was the year I learned how to saw down a tree, that Bella (our Honda CRV) was an excellent transporter of evergreens, and that natural tree pieces really are the best kind of air freshener. Plus, even though it was getting late, when we popped in to pay for our tree, we were handed sticks for weenie roasting and a cup of hot chocolate. It really was the best way to finish off what could have felt like a hectic day.


Needless to say, we wouldn’t want to go anywhere else to kick off our holiday tradition. This year was our third year of tree picking at Highland L Tree Farm, and it was just as enjoyable as always. Lauretta, the owner, personally welcomed us ‘to her farm’ upon arrival. It’s so lovely to feel like a part of the Lumsden family, even if we only visit once a year!


If you’re still thinking about picking up a real tree this year for Christmas, Highland L tree farm is open from 9:00am until dusk daily until December 24th. Tree prices range from $30 – $40 (depending on which type you choose), and the best selection this year is either from the Grand Fir or the Noble Fir sections. We opted for the most beautiful smelling, but trust me, there are plenty to choose from.

Photo 2015-12-05, 2 46 22 PM

There’s free apple cider and hot chocolate every day, along with hot dogs to roast by donation to the BC Hospital Foundation. We always plan to stay an extra half hour or so, to relax around the fire and visit with the other families out kicking off the season too. While we haven’t tried it yet, I’ve also been told there are hayrides around the property as well, which I’m sure would be a great experience for those of you with littles!

Highland L Tree Farm
965 Iverson Rd.
Columbia Valley, BC
Farm Phone: 604-858-6986


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