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Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Her | Etsy Highlights

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Her | Etsy Highlights

One of the best ways to show mama you care on Mother’s Day is by picking her up something that helps her care for herself! We’re huge fans of the self care is not selfish movement over here at AllyBeth, and love finding ways to help encourage others to take a bit of time for themselves at least once a week. Whether it’s an extra 10 minutes in the shower to exfoliate or a whole evening filled with a bubble bath, wine and uninterrupted Netflix time, this mothers day we encourage your to give a gift that she’ll be able to give to herself over and over again throughout the month of May!

We’ve picked a few of our favourites from Etsy this week, to help make your shopping for the best mother’s day gifts a little easier. As an added bonus, many of these are all natural, organic and vegan, making them a perfect gift for even the pickiest of ladies!

1. Aydry & Co | Rose Mineral Bath Soak
Nothing is more luxurious than dried rose petals floating in your bath. Woah did I actually just say that (lol). But seriously, I don’t normally buy into all that rose petal stuff (I mean really, who wants to clean all that off the bed anyways?!) but the first time I had a Rose Mineral bath, I couldn’t help but feel a little giddy. Apparently, the little girl always wanted to feel like a princess, and it took this bath to make me realize it. I know I must sound totally cheesy, but there isn’t really any other way to explain it. I had the bath, felt like a princess, and got detoxified by the European sea salt all at the same time. It’s also vegan, certified organic and made without the use of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates – which has become super important to our household lately.

2. Urban Oreganics | Raw Cacao Facial Mask
I am totally in loooooooove with this new dry skin care product trend! For those of you that think it might be a little weird, here’s the scoop: liquid skin care products are quick to get contaminated with bacteria and mold. To counteract that, commercial products that you buy at the drug store are filled with chemicals and preservatives to help prolong the shelf life of your products. Yuck, right? Dry products let you have a natural product without preservatives, but also without the risk of bacteria or mold either. Just add equal amounts of powder and water and mix gently to form a paste, right before you’re ready to use it. Voila! Instantly ready. I have an adorable little pottery dish that I keep in the bathroom just for this purpose, and it takes me just two seconds longer than ready-to-use products. This product is one of the best out there and I love how it’s safe for use on sensitive skin. Vegan, Organic and 100% Natural.

3. Apoterra Skincare Shop | Herbal Detoxifying Steam
I’ve always wanted to do my own full facials at home, but somehow always ended up a little intimidated (or maybe just too lazy) to complete all of the steps that they do at the spa. This is probably why I absolutely fell in love with Apoterra’s herbal detoxifying steam….  it makes me feel like I’m getting a facial when really, I’m just hanging out over a bowl of lovely smelling herbs + florals. These flowers and herbs have been hand selected for their purifying and detoxifying properties, along with their added abilities to calm and sooth even the busiest of minds. Mix 1-2 tablespoons with boiling water in a large bowl. Position face over the bowl and cover with a towel to seal in the herbal steam. Relax and enjoy the beautiful aroma, while the steam opens your pores, aids in the releasing of impurities and helps to cleanse skin. Follow with a mask if you have the time, or simply moisturizer if you have somewhere to be. Organic and all natural.

4. Foxhound Collection | Grapefruit Fig Scented Candle
You guys, if you haven’t smelt the glorious scent of fig scented candles, you are truly missing out! Buying candles online is HARD. Because really, how accurate are those descriptions anyways?! I love these candles because a) they are a stone’s throw from my little hometown of Chester, Nova Scotia and b) they are hand-blended in small batches with the finest fragrance oils. No icky artificial scents here, which is the biggest pet peeve of mine when it comes to quality candles. I need something that burns clean, lasts for a decent amount of time, and smell fresh and natural – and Foxhound Collection candles do it all! But don’t just take our word for it, you’ll only have to read a handful of their reviews to see that they’ll probably become your next favourite too!

5. Harper Apothecary | Soothe Toner
Harper Apothecary is one of those businesses I will follow forever. I already own a number of their rollers, and they also just recently started selling them at little boutiques in my area so it’s been so nice to see their growth! Developed by an Aesthetician, Harper Apothecary products are organic, 100% natural and made without added preservatives. This toner in particular is a gentle astringent, focusing more on the calming and anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile and aloe. It is perfect for dry or sensitive skin and works great when spritzed directly onto the face, or onto a cotton ball. If you’re looking for a combo gift, this toner pairs great with the Soothe Serum, which gets added just after toning!

6. Essentially Mint | Mini Spa Gift Box
Does your mom live in another province or state and you aren’t sure what to get PLUS how to get it to her? Gift sets like this one from Essentially Mint are perfect to send directly from the maker to the mama in your life! I love how these sets come with a smaller package of everything, giving her (or you) the chance to try out a few different products and see how she likes them! This works great if you are attempting to also switch over to more natural products, kind of like a gentle nudge in the right direction! Our favourite is the Lemony Sensations scent, since we see this type of scent less often in the bath and beauty world, and it’s fun to have something different! They use a little bit of mint in all of their products, which is such a neat little touch. Plus, lip balm that smells like peppermint? Yes please!

1. Aydry & Co – Rose Mineral Bath Soak /// 2. Urban Oreganics – Raw Cacao Facial Mask 3. Apoterra Skincare Shop – Herbal Detoxifying Steam /// 4. Foxhound Collection – Grapefruit Fig Scented Candle 5. Harper Apothecary – Soothe Toner /// 6. Essentially Mint – Mini Spa Gift Box

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