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5 Tips on How to Style Your Book Shelf | Guest Post

5 Tips on How to Style Your Book Shelf | Guest Post

Spring can’t come fast enough, and for myself when Spring does finally come, so does that fresh crisp air and the feeling of spring cleaning. Decluttering and simplifying is what spring is all about! After months of piling and stacking up the book shelf it’s probably time to start organizing it, dusting it and styling it. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ll be sharing 5 easy tips on how to style your book shelf, along with some great inspiration photos.

 How to Style Your Book Shelf

Books are beautiful, and if you find the right ones, they can make you pretty proud to display them. Like a book that moved you, that had you clutching its binding to read more of it. One that holds a special memory from the vacation when you read it, or one that you read to your children every night. Those books are the ones you want to stick around for a long time. Plus, displaying the books that you loved and encourage others to read always feels good!

 How to Style Your Book Shelf

I know, decluttering and rearranging your bookshelf can actually be harder than you think. Decorating book shelves always takes me a couple of days to get the feel, look and vibe I’m going for in certain rooms. I’ll play around with ideas and walk by it checking it out. Adding things and removing things as I go! As hard as it can be though, I’m here to help take some of the stress away and make it easy for you!

 How to Style Your Book Shelf

  1. Evaluate What You Have – It can always be a little dreadful if you hate parting with things. In most cases you don’t, but if you feel like you’ve lost your love for something then maybe it’s time to start trading in your lost-love items for something new to you!
  2. Mix textures, colours and book sizes – The good old days of asymmetrical  books are kind of out! Mix together the kinds of things that make you happy, they don’t all have to be the same!
  3. Add Something Living – Add some greenery to those tired looking shelves! Succulents and other hard-to-kill plants are perfect for book shelves.
  4. Add in Some Home Decor – Spruce up small spaces on your shelf with home decor, plaques, picture frames or wooden signs.
  5. Put Things Aways For Later – If you’re feeling tired with your book shelf look, try taking everything down and play around with ideas that make you happy. If something doesn’t work out (but you aren’t ready to give it up), simply set it aside for another Spring Cleaning day! Tuck it away in a closet or box until you find a better place for it.
AllyBeth Design Co

Mama Bear Sign by AllyBeth Design Co

 How to Style Your Book Shelf

If you’re just starting out with your first collection of books, get creative with your bookshelves. There are so many amazing looking shelves out there that you can easily create on your own. Browse ideas and narrow it down to the three you love the most to get an idea of what you’re going for in your space! Once you have an idea what you’re looking for, shop your home + then shop Etsy and Homesense! It will come together easier than you think. Sometimes, the trickiest part is just getting started!

This Is a Guest Post by Keisha of Loving Littles Blog

Keisha is a proud wife to her high school sweetheart and a blessed mama to two littles, Keisha’s blog is “Loving Littles Blog” and there she shares stories of life & style, beauty & DIY, and everything else in between for you and your littles. Take a peek at her Instagram and Blog . Read all of her other AllyBeth guest articles here

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